Sydney Day trips

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It is always refreshing to meet someone that is passionate about what they do. We sat outside the Garie Beach YHA in the middle of the night, turned the flashlights off and just listened. It was us and nature, and nothing else for miles. We waited for our eyes to adjust and that’s when Andy presented an impromptu soliloquy on […]

Seeing the Royal National Park Through the Eyes of a ...

So I’ve lived in Sydney for over two years and haven’t managed to get my lazy backside out to the Hunter Valley which is only around 2 hours outside of Sydney. Man have I been missing out! It took the APEC weekend for me to need an escape and book a tour to go to the Hunter. We booked a […]

The Hunter Valley, More Than Just Wine

The Hunter Valley is a well known wine, coal mining, and race horse breeding area about 2 .5 hours north of Sydney. I am on a work trip and am happliy tucking into a bottle of wine at the affordable yet luxurious Branxton Hotel in the Hunter Valley. Australian Traveller‘s Top 100 things to do in Australia lists “Stay in […]

The Hunter Valley, Branxton Hotel