State of Origin

This year’s game three of State of Origin is going to be a real epic show for those watching. It turns out that, despite the Maroons (QLD) having the momentum after winning game one, the Blues (NSW) have prevailed in game two. That’s right! Each team in this rivalry has a win, meaning game three will be the tie-breaker for […]

2011 State of Origin Game 3

So far for 2010, the Maroons have already won the first two games in this 30th annual State of Origin series. Even though this means that the Origin victory is already theirs, the third and final match is always played. The real question now is whether or not they will make it a sweeping victory of three wins, which they […]

2010 State of Origin – Game III

Australia in July sees itself in the full-swing of winter, but it is still a place to visit and spend time outdoors. The far north of the country basks in sunshine and reaches temperatures in the 30s (Celsius) on many days of the week, so traveling to the Great Barrier Reef or Kakadu National Park is not a problem. In […]

July in Australia