Royal National Park

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It is always refreshing to meet someone that is passionate about what they do. We sat outside the Garie Beach YHA in the middle of the night, turned the flashlights off and just listened. It was us and nature, and nothing else for miles. We waited for our eyes to adjust and that’s when Andy presented an impromptu soliloquy on […]

Seeing the Royal National Park Through the Eyes of a ...

royal national park
Tourists and locals make the trek from Sydney to Melbourne quite often (and vice versa), but the distance typically calls for a cheap flight to Melbourne instead of driving. Driving to Melbourne, however, if you have the time and vehicle, is a very scenic experience, especially when taking advantage of the Royal National Park and the Grand Pacific Drive. View […]

The Scenic Route from Sydney: Royal National Park and Grand ...

Are you in Sydney and need to get out of the paved jungle? If you head just a little south- you’ll feel like you are on another planet entirely. Instead of pavement…you’ll be surrounded by nature! The Royal National Park established in 1879, it is now about 16,000 hectares of National Parkland– and just stones throw from Sydney! Can you […]

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