Rottnest Island

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Hamilton Island was recently visited by Oprah on her wander Down Under, but most Australia travelers know about the island’s fame for many other reasons. For one, it is a part of the glorious Whitsunday Islands, a unique space of Great Barrier Reef ocean that presents one beautiful island after the next. Two, it is the location of the social […]

7 Island Getaways in Australia Besides Hamilton

rottnest island
Rottnest Island would be considered one of the must-see attractions in Western Australia. This tiny island, 19 kilometers off the coast near Fremantle, acts as a getaway for locals and tourists alike who come to experience the pristine beaches and seclusion. Rotto, as it’s commonly called, acts as a class “A” reserve meaning it is kept clean and under-developed. In […]

Rottnest Island Travel Guide

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Australia has brought out the animal lover in me and bumped it up to another level. There certainly are some cool native animals in Australia, and even though my all-time favorite is probably still the rock wallaby, I recently ran into the quokka over on Rottnest Island and cuteness overload! The quokka is a small member of the marsupial family […]

An Ode to the Quokka

There’s been heaps of Oprah craze as of late in Australia, which is why Caroline Makepeace of y Travel Blog and Working Holiday Australia Tips has put together this humorous article on all the places Oprah should visit when she comes — and she should — to Western Australia. Haven’t you heard? Oprah is coming to town. It is time […]

When Oprah Comes to Visit Western Australia

Being on the far side of Australia, Perth is often left off of many travelers’ itineraries. However, those that are lucky enough to make it to this secluded city in Western Australia (I suggest a flight for time’s sake, but the Indian Pacific train is another option) have a number of options for things to do, such as visiting animal […]

Things to Do in Perth