Are you currently planning your very first trip to Australia but realizing that Australia is a really big country? Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? It’s okay; I’ve been there. This is one gigantic and beautiful country – one that many people get but one opportunity to visit – so we want to make the most of the […]

Australia First Time Visitor Guide

Book a budget flight from Sydney to Melbourne above. From Sydney’s iconic attractions to Melbourne’s style and culture, there’s no question as to why these are two of the most popular cities for travelers to visit while in Australia. Even locals find it necessary to travel frequently between the two, which is why we have put together the list of […]

Getting From Sydney to Melbourne

Melbourne is truly a magnificent place to visit if you are looking for a vacation getaway. And the constant arguing about which place is better – Melbourne or Sydney – is still going on. But, obviously, it is actually your turn to choose which is which. Melbourne has a lot to offer in terms of attractions and sights, but unexpectedly […]

Free Things to Do in Melbourne