Queens Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday is a public holiday celebrated in many Commonwealth countries including Australia. The day is not recognized on the Queen’s actual birthday day, but instead on a designated date to be followed no matter the monarch at the time. All of Australia, except for WA, celebrates on the second Monday of June. WA chooses to forgo the holiday […]

The Queen’s Birthday – History, Significance & What to Do

Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia in June starts to get its first taste of the upcoming short winter season. For a lot of the country, temperatures do drop, and a bit more rain might fall, but it is definitely abnormal to experience snow anywhere except for on the highest peaks in June. In fact, winter in Australia in some […]

June in Australia

Happy First Day of Winter! June 11th is a Holiday for NSW and VIC. I think it is Monday the 4th for WA. What is this holiday you ask? The Queens Birthday! Pay no mind to the fact her birthday is actually in April, The Aussies have decided to celebrate it in June (Well 3 states anyway). So take note- […]

June Long Weekend- Free Jazz Festival at Darling Harbour!