Perth and Western Australia edge the Indian Ocean. The coastline has sandy beaches and Perth is on the lovely Swan River. The region has areas of agriculture, the Ningaloo Reef, forests, Shark Bay, and back-country wilderness, mountains, and dessert. The state also has national parks like Karijini and Kalbarri. While visitors to Australia typically head for Melbourne or Sydney, here […]

Campervan Travel in Perth and Western Australia

Perth is slowly becoming one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. With its fast-paced development due to the mining boom in nearby areas, it is slowly becoming a hub for both glamorous and laid-back lifestyles. Perth hotels range from cheap, long-term options to 5 star and luxury accommodation that sits on its outskirts by private beaches and lush forestry. It […]

Top 5 Perth Outdoor Attractions

Freo makes for a popular stop on any trip to the Perth area of Australia because of its particular city flair and style. Visitors can immediately notice the unique vibe of this coastal port city from the ornate architecture that lines the streets. Small cafes and shops pop out of the little nooks and crannies of side streets, and good […]

Fremantle: A Stop for Historic Architecture & Cafe Culture

swan bells tower
When you first see the Swan Bells Tower, you will immediately know it is something unique. The building displays an interesting work of architectural design that was actually chosen from a design competition, which doesn’t sound pretty fascinating until you realize that the tower holds 18 bells, those of which weigh 9 tonnes. Therefore the unique design is made to […]

Perth Attractions: Swan Bells Tower