New South Wales

So far for 2010, the Maroons have already won the first two games in this 30th annual State of Origin series. Even though this means that the Origin victory is already theirs, the third and final match is always played. The real question now is whether or not they will make it a sweeping victory of three wins, which they […]

2010 State of Origin – Game III

Where I come from back in America, we have cute little birds that don’t do much besides the typical cheep-cheep singing that you might picture in Snow White. They aren’t very big, and you probably won’t have any issues with them unless you happen to park your car underneath the wrong tree. Australia’s birds, on the other hand, are a […]

Birds of NSW – Beautiful, Gigantic, Unique & Annoying

The magic of Australia, for those of us who love the ocean, is that it is blessed with a seemingly endless wealth of uncrowded beaches, dive sites and surf breaks. Somewhere in New South Wales, Steve Bramucci has found a forgotten coast...and, statistics dictate that there are plenty similar gems waiting to be savored down under.

Somewhere, New South Wales, Australia

Julian Rocks is the small rock formation found off the Australian coast in Byron Bay. The tiny islet is considered a bird sanctuary, so climbing on the rocks is strictly prohibited. You can, however, take one of the several guided snorkeling trips to Julian Rocks from the various providers around town. Julian Rocks is no Great Barrier Reef, but if […]

Snorkeling at Julian Rocks in Byron Bay

I jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and you can too. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb offers you the chance to scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge from The Rocks area in Sydney. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this probably isn’t the climb for you. But if you want bragging rights and to see some stellar views of the city […]

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

So I’ve lived in Sydney for over two years and haven’t managed to get my lazy backside out to the Hunter Valley which is only around 2 hours outside of Sydney. Man have I been missing out! It took the APEC weekend for me to need an escape and book a tour to go to the Hunter. We booked a […]

The Hunter Valley, More Than Just Wine

Get sneezed on by a giraffe, get licked by a rhino and get stalked by a cheetah. If you come to visit NSW and have a bit of time to see the place, definitely take the 5 hour trek out to Dubbo. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Dubbo is a thriving and vibrant in-land city. One of the oldest […]

Dubbo Zoo, How to Hear Cheetahs Purr