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You’ve decided to move yourself over to the land of Oz. Aweeeeesome. You’re doing yourself a favor making the move to Australia, whether it’s full-time or just for a working holiday, because you’ll get to experience the beauty of this far-flung country at the speed that is necessary. It almost feels magical, right? Moving to Oz is a magical thing, […]

Moving to Oz: The Lessons I Learned While Finding ...

Hey guys, As the Blog gets bigger and bigger, I know a few of my earlier tips on Survival in Australia and especially in Sydney have gotten a little lost. Here are a few posts worth revisiting. Cheap Food Finding an Apartment Cheap Household Supplies How to Outfit an Apartment on the Cheap City Transport Links Banking

Moving to Australia- Some Useful Tips

YES! you have done it! You have received your working holiday visa, bought your ticket, found the perfect pair of boots and you are ready to go. You figure you will- like thousands of people- just sort out a job when you get here. That, in fact, is what most people do. However, regardless of your previous work experience some […]

Working Holiday in Australia? You may need additional Certification!

One thing I have always enjoyed when travelling to far and distant lands is checking out the local junk food. Even with different states in the US- there is regional variation. I do have to say- awards go to Texas for some of the most inventive corn chip flavours. ANYWAY… back to Oz. Upon arrival here- at a pub…as one […]

Oz Survival Guide to Food- Chips, Crisps, Chilli and Chicken?

If you are moving to or even just visiting Australia for more than 2 weeks, a mobile phone is basically a must have. You will end up meeting people you want to contact, making hotel reservations, needing to send a message home. these little babies are a fully integrated piece of Australian culture. I went…horrors… one whole week when I […]

Cell phones are for Texting! A Must have.

This will more than likely be the most horrifying experience of arriving in Australia. Customs, quarantine, and visa officials have got nothin’ on the apartment-hungry-maddened-hordes and indifferent real estate agents. In Sydney, the housing market is extremely competitive. If you are moving from overseas, bring along past landlord contact information and, if you can swing it, a recommendation letter. To […]

Finding an Apartment in Sydney…Ready.. Set.. Go!

After trying to find an Apartment, this will be the second most shocking item of setting up housekeeping to most of you- setting up a bank account. Not far off Neanderthalic- lately it has gotten a little better- but not much. The banks in Oz are some of the most profitable businesses in the country- and all at your expense. […]

Banking in Oz- How do you say…Painful?