Australia is more than just beaches and the outback, and to prove that point there’s Melbourne in July. Melbourne has a draw all its own, with culture, arts, shopping, restaurants and cafes mixing to give any tourist – no matter which season they arrive in – a number of activities to keep them busy and happy. July Events in Melbourne […]

July in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

For many travelers, the best time to go to Melbourne would be during the autumn months, between March to May. During these months, you will experience sunny days, hot temperature, plus the parks and the gardens as they can be still are attractive with foliage and plants. April Event in Melbourne Melbourne International Comedy Festival – This event is considered […]

April in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

Choosing to visit Melbourne in March is actually one of the best favors you can do to yourself. Not only because it is regarded as one of the culturally refined cities in the country, but also it is complete with entertainment, multicultural influences and mystery. Whether you turn to either direction, you will surely find yourself facing new individuals and […]

March in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

Melbourne has variety of fun and entertainment to offer in November. Without a doubt, regardless the season, Melbourne is always teaming with a lot of things like exhibitions, concerts, theater, sporting events and festivals. Attracting visitors from all parts of Australia and the world, Melbourne is surely going to offer a fun and busy experience in November. November Events in […]

November in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

Mid-spring is one of the best seasons to visit Melbourne. This is the time when you can see the beautiful flowers in bloom and the weather is just perfect for sightseeing. October is one of the months when the city draws attention from culture seekers, sports fanatics as well as nature lovers. During spring the city is proud of its […]

October in Melbourne- Events, Weather and Travel Tips