melbourne international film festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival, or MIFF for short, takes place every year in the funky city of Melbourne. Featuring hundreds of films from over 50 countries, the festival is the most popular of its kind in all of Australia. Lasting for 17 days in the Australian winter season, the MIFF draws in nearly 200,000 in attendance, and brings in […]

The Melbourne International Film Festival – Facts, Tickets & Getting ...

No matter what time of the year you catch a flight to Australia, there is probably a festival… or two… or five that you can plan into your itinerary. Winter in Australia is no different, meaning there are just as many happening around this festival-loving country then as there are in summer. Just to give you a taste of what’s […]

Winter Festivals in Australia – The Ultimate List

Australia in July sees itself in the full-swing of winter, but it is still a place to visit and spend time outdoors. The far north of the country basks in sunshine and reaches temperatures in the 30s (Celsius) on many days of the week, so traveling to the Great Barrier Reef or Kakadu National Park is not a problem. In […]

July in Australia

Check out these topics currently being discussed on the Australasia forum at BootsnAll: Boo70007 has been traveling around Australia, and now that she’s back in Sydney, she wants to know – why is the Melbourne Cup such a big deal? And where’s the best spot to watch it in Sydney? ChristineHind is looking for advice on the Melbourne International Film […]

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