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Melbourne is a must-see when visiting Australia, and it is commonly paired with Sydney when time is limited. There are a million things to do and see in the city, and there are also just as many ways to get there (depending on where you are coming from) in order to get the job done. If you’re looking for a […]

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When planning a trip to Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, it is a wise idea to think about your budget beforehand. A number of options on things to do in Melbourne are available, and you will want to make the most of both your time and money. While tourist attractions may be synonymous with being overpriced traps, […]

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When visiting Melbourne, it’s a good idea to also plan some adventure along side checking out the free things to do in Melbourne and festivals. Aussies are fairly serious when it comes to their enjoyment and this is pretty obvious since Australia is known for its plethora of theme parks. Plus, the theme and amusements parks close (or in) Melbourne […]

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Melbourne, Victoria is home to a variety of street markets, each representing the life and traditions of the city. Melbourne comprises a mesmerizing blend of fashion and glamor, various ethnic groups as well as sub-cultures. Enthusiasm for foods, good music and life are the things that unite them. Mix this with the outdoor climate of Melbourne and you are sure […]

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Melbourne is truly a magnificent place to visit if you are looking for a vacation getaway. And the constant arguing about which place is better – Melbourne or Sydney – is still going on. But, obviously, it is actually your turn to choose which is which. Melbourne has a lot to offer in terms of attractions and sights, but unexpectedly […]

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Are you looking for the road less traveled or for fun and fashion? Melbourne and its environs have definitely all of this in addition to rejuvenation and relaxation, pleasure and extravagance, nature, wildlife and cultural discovery. Since the 1960s, Melbourne has endured an amazing transformation. Away from being the dull, sober city it formerly was, Melbourne is at present the […]

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