Ha Ha Ha! what a great title if I do say so. The concept of Jet setting in the NT is funny all in its own. Well, at any rate, my recent silence is attributed to the lack of Internet Facilities and Mobile Phone access I have experienced while tromping about in the bush of the Northern Territory this week. […]

Northern Territory Jet Setting

Kakadu National Park is a major destination and highlight for many travellers to Australia. One of the issues surrounding the park that travellers should be aware of is Uranium Mining. From the road trains to the environmental impact, the mines are a major part of the Northern Territory and it’s tourism. The locals are as divided about the issue of […]

Know Before You Go: 29 Abandoned Uranium Mines to be ...

Check out these topics currently being discussed on the Australasia forum at BootsnAll: Keppie will be in Darwin for a week, and is looking for the cheapest way to see Kakadu – the $350 tours are more than a bit over her budget! Huddo_55 wasn’t supposed to be backpacking in Melbourne in December, but that’s the way it’s turning out. […]

Australia Forum Threads for the week of October 30, 2006

One thing definitely worth a splurge of your trip money is a flight over Kakadu. All of the local people I encountered on my trip recommended it and they were absolutely right. Driving through Kakadu does little to give you the same perspective on the terrain, the interaction of the natural forces, and the sheer size of the park.

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