Before I set off, I had someone comment that they really wanted to do this cross-country train trip, but they couldn’t because they just couldn’t imagine taking children with them for 3 entire days. >> Check out the Indian Pacific Red Class guide. I didn’t think about it before this comment because… well… I have no children, but it makes […]

The Indian Pacific Train: Is it child friendly?

indian pacific red day nighter
One of the biggest questions involving the transcontinental Indian Pacific train I get is whether or not it is backpacker friendly. I had noticed on the Great Southern Rail website there were discounts for those holding backpacker membership cards, but whether or not those were used much was beyond me. To be honest, I was a bit worrisome about doing […]

The Indian Pacific Train: Is it backpacker friendly?

train window and computer
I talk about the connectivity in Australia quite a bit, pretty much because it isn’t the best in the world. Having Internet in some parts of the country is a luxury still, and mobile phone connection is no different. Last year, when I took a trip to Broken Hill with my partner, I was on Vodafone and he was on […]

Indian Pacific Train: Will I have Internet or Phone ...

indian pacific in adelaide station
When you’re taking a train, specifically the Indian Pacific train, across the entire country of Australia – a ride that lasts for 65 hours – you are really going to want to get out and stretch your legs on normal ground whenever the opportunity arises. Great Southern Rail understands that, and that’s why they’ve put together little whistle stop tours […]

The Indian Pacific’s Whistle Stop Tours