Reading reviews of Bazaar will leave you with images of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, surrounded by colorful carpets, bags of spice and dried fruits. You’ll start to picture yourself picking from this and that, having a nibble (or a feast) from the eclectic mix of local delicacies. Or, you might envision yourself walking on the streets of China, picking […]

Bazaar Restaurant Gold Coast: Which Worldly Markets Will You ...

As a self-proclaimed roller coaster junkie, it doesn’t take much to convince me to head to a theme park. In fact, I am generally the person selling friends and family on the prospect as well because… let’s face it… I love some thrilling rides! On my recent trip to the Gold Coast, I was informed that Dreamworld, one of Australia’s […]

7 Thrilling Reasons to Visit Dreamworld in the Gold Coast

Towering 77 stories above the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise is the SkyPoint Observation Deck. Located in the Q1 residential tower, the deck is situated 230 meters above the ground and offers 360 degree views of the Gold Coast and beaches that surround it. As a first-time visitor to the Gold Coast, a visit to SkyPoint is a must in order […]

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