It is winter in Sydney right now, and that means that heaps of people are walking around (in public) in ugg boots in different shades of beige. Since you’ve most likely seen these types of shoes grace the feet of certain Hollywood stars in the past decade, such as the Olsen twins and Cameron Diaz, you probably won’t be too […]

The Truth About Ugg Boots: History, Controversy & Who ...

Thanks to the Aboriginal language, Australia has been graced with some unique place names. One of my favorites is right here in Sydney – Woolloomooloo – which is surprisingly supposed to be pronounced like Woo-la-ma-loo instead of how it is spelled. Although some of these names aren’t supposed to be funny or rude, they just happen to turn out that […]

Unique Place Names in Australia

You could definitely find yourself driving for hours in Australia… and then driving for hours more without hitting a major city along the way. The little towns could easily be overlooked, and the people living and working there needed a way to draw these passers-by off the road and to their shop, stand or restaurant. That’s where the “big things” […]

Famous Roadside Attractions: 9 of Australia’s “Big Things”

If you’re the type of person that associates a good holiday with taking it to the extreme, then Australia has you covered. There are more things to spin you around, make your heart race or just plain get the adrenaline pumping down under than I can count. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, new or experienced, one these […]

11 Adrenaline Junky Activities in Australia