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unsealed road
Having to worry about unsealed roads is not something I ever had to do until I arrived in this country, so I thought it would be a good topic to expand and elaborate on for others thinking about driving in Australia. The unsealed roads in Australia are dirt roads, those of which generally run to more remote parts of the […]

Unsealed Roads in Australia

jucy sign
If you’ve been in Australia, you may have seen the Jucy campervan on the road once or twice. You can’t really miss them if you do – they’re bright green with purple trim! But, Jucy is more than just some flashy colors on a mini-van; they actually provide some nice compact campervans with a number of amenities. Here is a […]

Jucy – Simple Luxury in a Compact Campervan

Having just completed a pretty massive road trip, I have once again been re-introduced to those pieces of Australia that make it so unique. The road trip started in the tropical beach getaway of Cairns, headed up to Cooktown, and then back down all the way to Sydney. It was only a short 16 days in length, but it gave […]

Things Realized After an East Coast Road Trip in Australia

Hey you Mob! It is time for another colorful Aussie Translation guide! Today we are going to talk about Car related words. One of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has no shortage of their very own Aussieisms. They are fun and inventive, though occasionally hard to translate. Feel free to add a few of […]

Aussie Translation Guide #6

Hello folks! It’s that time again! How to Survive while Driving in Australia! I’m putting together a multi-part guide to conditions and issues you need to be aware of while driving in Oz…. If anyone can explain the Melbournian J-turn in the comments section, it would be greatly appreciated. The take home message from today’s blog- READ the SIGNS!!!!!! Road […]

Driving In Australia, Survival Tips #2

The last couple of weeks have seen me hitting the roads of New South Wales, so I thought I’d share a couple of observations to help a few of you first timers out there. While I do enjoy a good road trip and certainly enjoy getting out to see this country, there are a few things of which you should […]

Driving Australia, Survival Tips #1