The magic of Australia, for those of us who love the ocean, is that it is blessed with a seemingly endless wealth of uncrowded beaches, dive sites and surf breaks. Somewhere in New South Wales, Steve Bramucci has found a forgotten coast...and, statistics dictate that there are plenty similar gems waiting to be savored down under.

Somewhere, New South Wales, Australia

Many of us have lists written to organize our lives. Between the omnipresent grocery list and the always-too-long to do list there’s room for one more: the bucket list. It contains things we want to do during our lives. I’m not sure about you but walking or climbing famous bridges is on my list. In fact, I’ve already visited some […]

Bucket List Item 1: Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

The pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and charming culture, Bali is a gem which waits to be explored. The many temples which are home to colorful festivals year round along with the peaceful fishing villages and beautiful mountain lakes, make Bali a paradise to remember and an excellent choice for a romantic vacation. Luckily, if you are already in Australia, there […]

Bali – a romantic choice for a side trip from ...

I play tennis for fitness – and to make my friends laugh – but I also watch professional players play tennis and sigh at the thought that I am so not talented (or don’t have the time to actually play enough to be any good). When the Australian Open started, obviously, I was glued to the sports channels and watched […]

You can still fly to Melbourne for the Australian Open

You probably caught the travel bug a while ago and now your thoughts include spending a year (or more) traveling around the world. But what does that mean? Where should you start? And how should you plan your trip in order to have few (not-so-nice) surprises. Budget Of course, the first question to ask yourself is how much this would […]

Australia – part of your round the world trip

Australia is a very popular vacation destination and many travelers who live in the Northern Hemisphere prefer to visit Australia when the weather starts to get cold in their home country. On the other side of the globe, October marks the middle of spring and the weather is excellent for exploring both the cities and the surrounding areas. Also there […]

Flying to Australia: choosing the route & other tips

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are two sparsely populated Australian regions which are some of the most isolated and unforgiving environments on Earth. Yet, they also have some of the most stunning and beautiful places you will ever see. There are four locations here which have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. While difficult to reach, they […]

Outback World Heritage

I know October probably isn’t the first month of the year you would think of to come visit Sydney. BUT! it shoudl be! October really is one of the best months of the year. Spring is just kicking into high gear, and with it- the party season. People are just creeping out from under the blanket of winter gloom and […]

Sydney in October, a month not to be missed