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When it comes to Darwin, a list of things to do in the city really comes down to nature and being outside. The same goes for the free things to do in Darwin. The beauty of this small capital city up in the Northern Territory is simply its location and its natural charm. For those looking for free and cheap […]

Free Things to Do in Darwin

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Darwin, the Northern Territory capital city located up in the Top End of Australia, is a dream destination for many travelers, but more so because of the unique land that surrounds it. If you get to Darwin and fail to leave the city center, you are definitely missing out on some of the best reasons to get to this part […]

Day Trips From Darwin

Darwin International Airport
Even though Darwin is a fairly small capital city located way up in Australia’s Top End, it is an important city that acts as a connecting point between Australia and Asia. Not only that, the scenery and things to do in Darwin make it a fantastic destination for any trip down under. Getting to Darwin may seem like a gigantic […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Darwin

Darwin is a much smaller city, with only about 125,000 people, far up in the Northern Territory. The climate is tropical, the buildings are modern, and the setting is unforgettable. A multicultural vibe is only natural seeing how this city is a hub between Australia and Asia, yet the small size takes this generally big city feature down to a […]

Things to Do in Darwin

The Museum of Art and Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is hosting a free travelling exhibit of the Australia National Treasures drawn from the magnificent collections of Australia’s National, State and Territory libraries. It contains a diverse range of iconic objects that tell the story of this nation’s history, folklore and identity. Manuscripts, maps, drawings, paintings and objects from […]

Darwin, National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries

Peace and tranquility combined with modern amenities mean you can get away from it all without having to rough it…unless you want to. I’d also like to point out that the photo is the view from my room…not processed or touched up…from a cameraphone. Two words: Magnificent Sunsets. About an hour south of Darwin just off the Stuart Highway,the road […]

Northern Territory, Lake Bennett Resort

Ha Ha Ha! what a great title if I do say so. The concept of Jet setting in the NT is funny all in its own. Well, at any rate, my recent silence is attributed to the lack of Internet Facilities and Mobile Phone access I have experienced while tromping about in the bush of the Northern Territory this week. […]

Northern Territory Jet Setting