Despite being the largest city in Australia, one of the things for which Sydney is most famous for is its beaches. Bondi Beach has an international reputation as being one of the best beaches in Australia — and the world, a view which is only enhanced by the excellent surfing conditions there. Its surf entices intrepid backpackers from around the […]

Beaches in Sydney

Before you finally get to Sydney it’s likely that you’ve only ever heard of the famous Bondi Beach in this area. Bondi is a gorgeous cove and it’s very easy to reach from the tourist areas of Sydney, but it’s actually quite small and usually very crowded in season. The small village behind the beach can be a really fun […]

Manly Beach – Sydney’s less-touristy getaway

If you’ve seen only one Australian beach on a travel show or in a magazine, it was probably Sydney’s Bondi Beach (pronounced BOND-eye), which is easily the most famous in the country in spite of only being about 1 kilometer long. The country is overloaded with excellent and often secluded shorelines, but this picturesque cove in the suburbs of Australia’s […]

Bondi Beach and how to visit

Surfing is like breathing for most Aussies. Braving cold, jelly fish, sharks, and tourists, the hearty Aussie surfers can be seen year round. Headed to the beach, a boat trip or looking for a surf get-a-way? Check out the Surf report to see what kind of swell or beach conditions you can expect in your chosen vacation spot. Most of […]

Australian Surf Reports