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Hunter Valley
When venturing to Australia, you will have the opportunity to drink plenty of local wines – and I’m not talking about our cheap friend, Goon. Australia is known for being one of the largest wine producing and exporting countries in the world with a fair amount of those drinks being some of the best in their class. The quality of […]

Australian Wine 101: Covering the Basics

Australia’s long held reputation of being a nation of beer drinkers and whiskey swillers may make it seem like a surprising destination for wine tasters, connoisseurs and sophisticates, yet despite the stereotypes, sommeliers worldwide have steadily come to consider Australia to be one of the world’s top wine making regions. In fact, Australia is now the third largest importer of […]

Australia’s Wine Country – A Guide to All of the ...

Hello all of you out there in TV land! Only about 2 hours from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is one of the most publicized wine regions in Australia. As far as wine goes, the Hunter generally produces quite enjoyable and popular varieties. Wine aside, most importantly to many people, it provides a great romantic get away. I know loads of […]

Hunter Valley Tours, a few options

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying a really fantastic, moderately priced ($17-19) Australian Pinot Noir out of the Yarra Valley. I’m not always the biggest fan of Pinot due to a few unfortunate glasses I’ve tried, but this one shocked me the other direction. It was absolutely delicious. You would do yourself a good deed by trying the De […]

Aussie Wine Review, De Bortoli Pinot Noir Yarra Valley ...

A couple of months ago I flew to Adelaide for the U2 concert. Since I was headed to the area, I was on a mission to try and experience some of the local produce both in eaten and imbibed forms. I have to relay a funny but relevant story first. This past week a van full of girls went on […]

McLaren Vale, South Australia, d’Arenbergs Winery

Man oh Man! What a way to see the country! Mudgee is currently one of the lesser known wine regions of Australia, but it is should soon be shaking that problem. Get there before everyone else discovers what a find it is! The drinking and driving laws in Australia are extremely strict, in fact the very first thing that occurred […]

Australian Wines, Mudgee Wine Tours

The heady scents of damp earth and wine enter you senses the second you open the huge barn like doors to the Pieter Van Gent Winery. More than just a cellar door, this is a small independent family winery built beside Pipeclay Creek in Mudgee. Mudgee is an established, yet lesser known wine region in Australia. Mudgee the town is […]

Australian Wineries, Pieter Van Gent

Tim Smith Grenache Mataro Shiraz 05′, Barossa Valley. Omigosh! Let me say that again. Omigosh! I realize that is not proper wine speak and I don’t claim to be a wine expert, however, it sums up the initial feeling that the wine created. Spicy, it completely coats the tongue with pepper and cinnamon. Make sure you get that nose in […]

Australian Wine Review- Tim Smith, Barossa Valley