Australian Culture

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This is the first post in a new feature on WhyGo Australia called the Australia Blog Roundtable. For the roundtable, I’ve joined forces with other Aussie lovers and bloggers — yTravelBlog, Nomads Hostels, Hostelworld and Australia Rocky Travel — to touch on a specific topic from our own unique perspectives each month. Enjoy! When I chose the topic of “Why […]

Australia Blog Roundtable: Why I Love Australia

prawns on the barbie
When it comes to experiencing the local culture, it really doesn’t get much more Australian than taking part in an Aussie barbie. For years now, it has been part of many jokes when talking about Australia for people to break out the old “throw another shrimp on the barbie” line brought about from a Paul Hogan advertisement in the early […]

The 1st Timer’s Guide to an Aussie Barbie

Ah, the Aussies! Some very good research dollars have been spent by some of the World’s Top Neurosurgeons and the findings presented at a conference in Carins. Most of us believe that a big night drinking means a few less brain cells in the morning, but new research suggests this isn’t true. A conference of some of the world’s top […]

Australia in the News- Booze is Good for You

Hey you Mob! It is time for another colorful Aussie Translation guide! Today we are going to talk about Car related words. One of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has no shortage of their very own Aussieisms. They are fun and inventive, though occasionally hard to translate. Feel free to add a few of […]

Aussie Translation Guide #6