Australian Big things

big lobster Kingston
This is a post in an ongoing series on the Big Things in Australia. If you like the post, be sure to follow along by subscribing to my RSS feed. When it comes to giant roadside attractions, Australia takes the cake with their 150 different “big things“. They’ve got giant pineapples, big bananas, huge birds, 3 times life-size sheep and […]

Australia’s Big Things: The Big Lobster in Kingston South ...

big crocodile
Crocodiles, and we’re talking the fiercely gigantic salt-water kind, have a home in several areas around Australia, especially in the estuaries that surround the area of Wyndham. Wyndham is the most northern point in Western Australia (3440km northeast of Perth) and is located within the East Kimberley region. As you can imagine, it is a place of intense weather, actually […]

Australia’s Big Things: The Big Croc in Wyndham

big cassowary mission beach
In tropical Queensland, especially in the area around Mission Beach, it is possible to see one of the most unique and intriguing birds. They are big, flightless, and somewhat resemble a dinosaur. This is the cassowary, a protected species of bird with a bright blue neck and a red wattle. It was my favorite Australian bird until I discovered the […]

Australia’s Big Things: The Big Cassowary in Mission Beach

Having just completed a pretty massive road trip, I have once again been re-introduced to those pieces of Australia that make it so unique. The road trip started in the tropical beach getaway of Cairns, headed up to Cooktown, and then back down all the way to Sydney. It was only a short 16 days in length, but it gave […]

Things Realized After an East Coast Road Trip in Australia

You could definitely find yourself driving for hours in Australia… and then driving for hours more without hitting a major city along the way. The little towns could easily be overlooked, and the people living and working there needed a way to draw these passers-by off the road and to their shop, stand or restaurant. That’s where the “big things” […]

Famous Roadside Attractions: 9 of Australia’s “Big Things”