swan bells tower
When you first see the Swan Bells Tower, you will immediately know it is something unique. The building displays an interesting work of architectural design that was actually chosen from a design competition, which doesn’t sound pretty fascinating until you realize that the tower holds 18 bells, those of which weigh 9 tonnes. Therefore the unique design is made to […]

Perth Attractions: Swan Bells Tower

atherton tablelands
The Atherton Tablelands is an area in north Queensland spanning the region west and south-west inland from Cairns. It lies on a plateau giving it a climate conducive to farming various products from coffee to peanuts to plain old dairy. In addition to the weather, the area is also known to have very rich soil because of all the volcanic […]

The Atherton Tablelands & Its Delicious Attractions

Let’s face it – theme parks are fun! They give us all a big thrill and keep us busy for hours or days even. The Gold Coast is like a theme park mecca since it basically harbors five amazing places to take your friends or family while in the area. And, since Brisbane is just around the corner, they make […]

Theme Parks Near the Gold Coast

If you’ve made your way to the Gold Coast, you’ve probably seen the brochures everywhere regarding the vampire cabaret show available every night at Dracula’s. And, if you’re like me, you thought, “Wow, that is probably the cheesiest thing ever,” upon first glance. I mean, seriously, a vampire cabaret show… really? Can this truly be anything worth attending? Easy answer: […]

Gold Coast Attractions: Dracula’s – A Restaurant Cabaret to ...

With lush rainforests, big rivers and the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast, it is no wonder that Cairns is a major tourist destination in Queensland, Australia. Beautiful scenery, proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of the GBR in the world and lots of opportunities for adventure and trouble making, Cairns is beer and barbie Mecca—a place […]

Top 10 Things to do in Cairns

Dozens of cities around the world have some kind of tower that dominates the skyline and features an observation deck near the top, but Sydney’s Tower is one of the few that really should not be missed when visiting the city for the first time. It’s not cheap to visit, but it’s honestly one of the best ‘tours’ of Sydney […]

Sydney Tower, OzTrek, and Skywalk

One of the world’s most recognizable and iconic buildings, the Sydney Opera House is still a bit of a mystery to most visitors until they do a bit of research. Completed in 1973 and designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the opera house has a couple of key common misconceptions by foreign travelers. First off, the domed semi-ceilings designed to […]

Sydney Opera House and how to visit

I came across this fantastic and hilarious article via a link from the Daily Boomerang, a very good daily blog about this crazy life and travelling Down Under. Under the pressures of my day job, I have recently been travelling in and around the Singleton NSW area. The Daily Boomerang called me out as having a possible alternative motive! The […]

Single Aussie Men, Where to go to Find a Good ...

So I’ve lived in Sydney for over two years and haven’t managed to get my lazy backside out to the Hunter Valley which is only around 2 hours outside of Sydney. Man have I been missing out! It took the APEC weekend for me to need an escape and book a tour to go to the Hunter. We booked a […]

The Hunter Valley, More Than Just Wine