Attractions Melbourne

Are you looking for the road less traveled or for fun and fashion? Melbourne and its environs have definitely all of this in addition to rejuvenation and relaxation, pleasure and extravagance, nature, wildlife and cultural discovery. Since the 1960s, Melbourne has endured an amazing transformation. Away from being the dull, sober city it formerly was, Melbourne is at present the […]

Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of more than 3.8 million people. It was established in the year 1835 by immigrants in the region of Yarra River. Due to the gold rush in this part of Victoria in the early 1860s, Melbourne developed into the second biggest city in the British Empire by early 20th century. Today, the city is considered one […]

Attractions in Melbourne

Are you going to be in Melbourne anytime after April? If so do you like to walk on the trippy side? The new Eureka Skydeck is scheduled to open next month. Yeah Yeah, you’ve done the skydeck thing before, what makes this one trippy and worth a look? Well first you’ll be in the world’s tallest residential building and you’ll […]

Melbourne, See it all at the new Eureka Skydeck