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Valentine’s Day in Sydney: 9 Romantic Ideas

Breathe in deeply, everyone. Do you smell that? That’s love! Love is filling the air in Sydney as the big day approaches, and if you are smacking yourself in the head right now as you’re just realizing the date, then perhaps this article will help you get your plans into order.

Sydney naturally has a romantic vibe, but on Valentine’s Day you can choose from a variety of extra special ways to show that love interest just how much you care. Some of the options include extreme adventure activities or just a quiet candlelit dinner for two.

1. Sydney Harbour Cruise

Why not grab your lover and head out on the water for a romantic sunset cruise, perhaps including Champagne and dinner? There’s nothing quite like an Australian sunset while floating on the peaceful waters around the glorious city of Sydney. Try Captain Cook for one tour option.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

For those with an adventurous side, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge can provide for a bit of adrenaline while also giving you uninhibited views of the Sydney skyline. It is said to be one of the top must-do activities around the world, and for a totally romantic mood, you can attempt it while the sun sets. Yes, there are night climbs that can truly take your breath away.

3. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is advertising a number of great options for your Valentine’s Day outings. How about a lovely show or a gift voucher? If that’s not enough, there are dinner packages to add on, and a gourmet high tea is also on the menu. Be sure to check out the official website for more details.

4. Escape to the Hunter Valley

If Sydney proper is just too crowded, why not sneak away (and hide away) up in the Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley, known for its wine and atmosphere north of Sydney, makes for the perfect getaway. Choose a tour that lasts the day, or book a cozy little cottage for an overnight excursion.

5. Luxury Hotel Stay

How about a change of scenery and a bit of pampering for you and that special someone right down near the Sydney Harbour? A luxury Sydney hotel stay with a little spa package can make you feel miles away from home (if you’re not that already). Book a Sydney hotel.

6. Skydive Together

Yes, there are companies that offer special couples packages for the lovebirds that have to do something extreme and heart racing on February 14th. Skydive the Beach happens to be one of them, and for one set price, you can get two dives, videos and more for that special day!

7. A Romantic Dinner for Two

The traditional night out at a nice restaurant in the city, perhaps with candlelight and some wine is still a winner for the day of love. Check out this list of cozy and romantic restaurants in Sydney and its surrounds for some ideas!

8. A Picnic in the Park

It’s perfect for lovebirds on a budget, but can be just as romantic given the right setup and the right views. Why not put together a little lunch or dinner, some wine and cheese and head down to the Sydney Domain for a picnic that’s right on the water’s edge? Or, head down to the Royal National Park for a more secluded getaway for the day.

9. Stroll Through Little Italy

Leichardt is a Sydney suburb also referred to as Little Italy since it has a high Italian population. And, where there’s an Italian population, there delicious Italian food, gelato, cannoli and the ever romantic Italian language floating through the air. Take a holiday from your holiday and spend the afternoon strolling through Little Italy.