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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

I jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and you can too. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb offers you the chance to scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge from The Rocks area in Sydney. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this probably isn’t the climb for you. But if you want bragging rights and to see some stellar views of the city of Sydney, go for it. You’ll even score a super cool “I Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge” certificate.

Before the Climb

Before you begin your “climb,” you’ll have plenty of time to peruse the mandatory gift shop and photos of bridge climbs past. Of course, that includes shots of celebrities who have scaled the bridge, along with autographs. Interestingly, I spotted photos of Pierce Brosnan and Frankie Munez, but not of Paul Hogan.

Bridge Climb Training

When your group is set to start, you’ll be “shown the ropes.” For the entire climb, which is actually an easy walk up and down stairs, with a few ladders thrown in to keep things interesting, you’ll be hooked to a line. You’ll be suited up in clothing akin to something from Star Trek and provided with basic instructions. Like don’t start climbing the ladder until the person before you has is out of the way.

The Climb

I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night, and I definitely think it’s the way to go. Watching the moon rise and spotting the Southern Cross from above the city were highlights of my trip to Australia. Here’s what you do. Stand at the very back of the line. That will allow you to go (somewhat) at your won pace. You can listen to the guide’s commentary on the way up, then unplug your headset and enjoy the views without the distraction. They stories of the landmark bridge and the history of Sydney are fascinating, but you can listen to them on the way up and down.

At the end of the climb, everyone “jumps” from the 4 inch ridge back to terra firma.


Adults: AU$179 to AU$295, depending on specific time
Children: AU$109 to AU$195
(prices are higher from December 26 to January 9)

More information: Official Bridge Climb site