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Australian boxing bout sparks nationwide brawls


SYDNEY (Reuters) – Pugnacious Australians just love a good fight — in the ring or in the pub. Some 30 bar brawls broke out across the nation, and one man died in a fight, on Wednesday night following a much-hyped televised bout between Aboriginal boxer Anthony “The Man” Mundine and Danny “The Machine” Green.

Mundine, an ex-footballer renowned for his quick mouth and flamboyant clothes, won the super middleweight non-title fight on points at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, but not everyone was happy.

Police in the western city of Perth, Green’s home town, said they were called to 13 hotel brawls involving up to 60 people. One man died in hospital after being punched to the ground in a hotel carpark and hitting his head on the pavement.

Australian boxing bout sparks nationwide brawls