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Fortitude Valley nightlife: Clubs, lounges, and offbeat bars

Although this neighborhood has a notorious reputation, it attracts some of the best night life that Brisbane has to offer. The center has a pedestrian walkway that intersects Ann St. which is perfect for drunken rampages in order to avoid cars. There are numerous clubs, pubs, venues, bars and cafes of all sorts for all walks of life. By day, you will find some excellent boutiques, book and music stores to shop at, including Brisbane’s own Chinatown. With barefooted hippies by day and metro-sexual scenesters by night, a full day in the valley will reveal the entire spectrum of Brisbane’s youth in its spectacle of people watching. But really, the Valley is best known for its big nights out.

Massive Dance Clubs:

The Family

The Family WatermarkA three story infamous and extremely popular nightclub with lasers, neon lights, fog machines, playing trance, house and heavy dance music. Always has a pretty strict dress code and be weary of high cover charges and long lines, especially on big DJ nights. But locals and tourists alike say the cost and wait is well worth the price of an intense night of dancing, shouting and some of Australia’s best-known DJ’s. Friday nights are known to be the biggest.

8 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9pm – 5am (no admission after 3)

Admission Price:
Cover charges vary from $6-$65 depending on the night and time of admission. For cheapest prices go on a night that the resident DJ’s are performing and before 10 pm.

Similar Venues:
The Monastery
621 Ann St

740 Ann St

The Met
256 Wickham St

641 Ann St

Laid-back but Classy:

Birdee Num Num

Birdee Num Num 2A sleek bar, student and backpacker friendly, with pool tables, a rooftop patio and even a swimming pool and spa open ‘til 9 pm.! This venue is stylish and chill but still has those great dance beats. It’s open every night of the week and caters to different hours than most nightclubs for those who are looking for fun on the not so normal schedule. They also serve food and are affiliated with BUNK Hostel, so you’ll often find a nice group of backpackers frequenting this venue.

Level 1, 608 Ann St,
Fortitude Valley

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed: 2 pm – 3 am
Thu, Fri: 2pm – 5am (no admission after 3)
Sat: 11:30am –5am (no admission after 3)

Admission Price:
Varies by time and night

Similar Venues:
The Empire Hotel
339 Brunswick St

Royal George Hotel
327 Brunswick St

Offbeat and Alternative:

Ric’s Bar

Ric's BarKnown for their laid back atmosphere and more alternative crowd, the girls are more likely wearing flats than stilettos, and the boys are rocking wool caps instead of gelled hair. Rather than hearing Katie Perry, you’ll get the best of current indie music, both from Dj’s and live local bands, as well as super friendly service and staff. It’s 2 floors and can get a bit crowded on weekends, but get upstairs to the outdoor patio with a few friends and you’re bound to have a good rock out to some excellent tunes. They also have an outdoor front patio as well as some pretty decent food for those late night munchies (breakfast for $4 after 4 am!).

321 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley

Daily 10am – 5pm

$0-$7 usually

Similar Venues:
Club 299
299 Brunswick St.

The Zoo
711 Ann St.

Spanish Tapas Bar
455 Brunswick St

22 Constance St

The Tivoli
52 Costin St.
(mainly a music venue, not a bar,
tickets should usually be purchased in advance

Private, Chic and Often Expensive:

The Press Club

Press ClubA part of the Empire Hotel, this is a much smaller more elite bar with a strict dress code and expensive drinks. But it’s worth it if you’re looking for a richer and fancier crowd. Make sure you’re dressed to impress if you want to get in and be sure to pad your wallet and keep track of prices because you can easily throw your whole billfold away in one big night at this venue. Music tends to be jazz/swinglike and live, which is perfect for the smooth and fancy atmosphere.

339 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley

Sunday: 6pm – 3am
Mon/Tues: 7pm – 3am
Wed/Thu: 6pm – 4am
Fri/Sat: 5pm – 5am

Varies by night/time

Similar Venues:
The Sunbar Restaurant Lounge
367 Brunswick St.

Glass Bar
420 Brunswick St.

Bowery Bar
676 Ann St.

Gay Friendly Bars/Nights:

The Family
Sunday nights are known as “Fluffy” nights at the aforementioned 8 McLachlan St. (see above)

The Beat
Check out the upstairs floor for a young and hip gay scene on any open night at 677 Ann st.

The Wickham
A full time gay/lesbian bar with drag shows most nights at 308 Wickham St.