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Working Holiday in Australia? You may need additional Certification!

dsc01003.JPGYES! you have done it! You have received your working holiday visa, bought your ticket, found the perfect pair of boots and you are ready to go. You figure you will- like thousands of people- just sort out a job when you get here. That, in fact, is what most people do. However, regardless of your previous work experience some jobs in NSW and Victoria require you to be certified. If you plan to work in a pub, casino, in an area where you will be in charge of public health and safety, or in construction, you will probably need a short course to certify you to Australian standards.

You can get a leg up on the competition by getting these certificates before applying for jobs. Some courses are also offered online allowing you to complete them before you arrive. I have also included average course prices so you can make sure you are not getting ripped off.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) should cost about $85
Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) (you may need this in pubs that have slot machines(Pokies): around $75
OH&S Green Card to work in construction: around $110

IF you don’t have much previous work experience there are a few other courses that may help travellers with the job search: Bar basics, Coffee course, RTA Traffic control, Fork lift licence, Senior First Aid.

There are plenty of organizations and companies that offer these courses. Here are a couple links to some of the more prominent companies.