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Wicked Dude! Calling young drivers! Irreverent Campervans.

dsc00297.JPGWa ha ha ha! What a way to travel! Do you like to play on the irreverent side of the road? If so- Wicked campers are just the thing for you. These little Combi Vans just crack me up every time I see one.

Trust me- they are unmistakable. The trademark campers are small vans turned campervan. They fit 2-3 people. Think transformers for big kids. They market to the younger set allowing for young drivers and lots of pop culture. You get a kitchen, CD player, cupboards, lawn chairs, bed/entertainment room, AND a way to get around!

The vans are small enough that they can easily be driven and parked in cities and convertible enough to attend to your basic accommodation needs. Starting at around $40/night, they are a great deal. The staff is young and full of that irreverent fun.

dsc04087.JPGOne of the staff I met told me about how they had driven one of the vans down for a conference and how they were greeted on the road and at road stops including a picnic lunch with complete strangers who were brought together through the “Wicked Community”

Awwww! Warm fuzzies! NOW GO GET that Van a Rockin’!

Available in NZ, OZ, and the UK. Oz free call- 1800 246 869

I think I like the Jelly Bean one the best!