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Things to Do in the Gold Coast – An Adult Playground

The Gold Coast, to me, is more than just miles of beautiful coastline and beaches. It’s a place where grown-ups are able to unwind and really go a little crazy (in a good way) if they so desire. While not quite as wild as Vegas, the nightlife is definitely one of the draws to this beachy getaway, and there will be promoters galore on every corner to prove it.

If you’re soon to be making your way to the Gold Coast, be sure to factor in some of these great things to do while there!

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Water Activities

Beaches – If beaches are your idea of a good time, there’s 40 kilometers of them to lounge away on and grab some sun. Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach are just a small number of what’s on offer, so when the hot summer calls, there’s plenty of space to go around.

Learning to Surf – The Spit, in particular, is supposed to be an excellent place for learning how to surf for complete beginners. The reason for this is the friendlier waves that come up in this area of the coast that let a newbie grow accustomed to the process before hitting the big stuff.

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Kayaking – Kayaking in the waters of the Gold Coast can provide more than just a fun exercise. It can also give a participant up-close views of dolphins, turtles and whales right off the coast! Some tours even include a beach breakfast and snorkeling as well.

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Adventure Activities

Theme Parks – The Gold Coast is a theme park mecca that includes Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World to name a few. Getting to each of these parks is a short bus ride away, and they can all provide a little bit of excitement into your lives.

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Zorbing – Zorb Gold Coast is said to be the only zorbing location in Australia, a fun little activity that was adopted from the Kiwis. What could be more fun than strapping yourself into a big ball and rolling down a hill, really?

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Bungy Jumping – There is one bungy jump located in the Gold Coast just in Surfers Paradise where you can easily through yourself 14 stories with nothing but a stretchy cable strapped around your ankles.

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Skydiving – You can get your skydiving thrill in the Gold Coast, jumping out of a plane in a tandem dive and landing on the beach. The dive happens near the Gold Coast airport in fact.

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Family-Friendly Activities

Timezone – Timezone is a one-stop funland for both kiddies and adults. It is packed wall-to-wall of video games, and it even includes mini-golf, dodgem cars and laser tag. You can pay on a game by game basis, or get a special combination pass for a real deal.

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Aquaduck – The Aquaduck is a funny looking tour bus (yes, it looks like a duck) that can transform into a boat to get out on the water. While a very cool concept, the fact that it is so funny looking makes it an attraction more for families with kids.

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Glow-worm Caves – You don’t have to go all the way to New Zealand to see glow-worms. There are some man-made caves at Tamborine Mountain where you can explore the beauty of nature in the dark. It makes for a fantastic and relaxed getaway from normal Gold Coast activities.

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Qdeck – The Qdeck is the world’s largest residential tower, and it happens to be located on the Gold Coast. You can travel to the top in one of the fastest elevators and enjoy the uninterrupted view while sitting in the cafe.

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Dracula’s – Dracula’s is a permanent vampire cabaret show that is shockingly good. The entire show includes a 3-course dinner and around 4 hours of comedy, song and music for only $88AUD. Please be aware that this is not going to be one for the kiddies to attend!

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Dining & Nightlife

Bars and Pub Crawls – If you’re looking for a night out, you won’t have to look far. Promoters for various events will be posted on almost every corner in Surfers Paradise, so if the hostel you’re staying in isn’t putting together something of their own, just head into town.

Restaurants and Cafes – Being the touristy little area that it is, there are plenty of places to eat or grab a cup of coffee. Choose from Zarraffas, the local surf club, Pancakes in Paradise, Japanese, Indian and more! You definitely will not go hungry while living it up in the Gold Coast.

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Photo credit: rollercoaster by gaelenh; all others by Brooke Schoenman.