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The Indian Pacific’s Whistle Stop Tours

indian pacific in adelaide stationWhen you’re taking a train, specifically the Indian Pacific train, across the entire country of Australia – a ride that lasts for 65 hours – you are really going to want to get out and stretch your legs on normal ground whenever the opportunity arises. Great Southern Rail understands that, and that’s why they’ve put together little whistle stop tours for the times where there is extra minutes at the few stations being accessed along the way.

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In order to share the whole Indian Pacific train experience with you readers, I decided that I would sign up for the whistle stop tours on offer on the journey. Here you will find a list of all the Indian Pacific offerings and links to the reviews of the specific tours I took on the way:

Broken Hill

The Silver City: Your first stop on the way from Sydney to Perth is at Broken Hill, also known as the Silver City because of its mining lifestyle. This whistle stop tour takes you on a bus tour around the city, lasting around an hour in length, with commentary, history and a stop at the hill above the city for panoramic views. Tour price: $24.00. Read more about the Broken Hill whistle stop tour.


The Festival City: This is probably the most popular tour in Adelaide giving you a brief history along the way. This is a bus ride to major parts of the city, such as the Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground. The tour lasts for about an hour. Tour price: $23.00.

Adelaide Zoo & the Pandas: This 2.5 hour tour option gives you access to and transfer to the Adelaide Zoo. The main attraction would be the 2 giant pandas that are now living in the zoo as part of the global Giant Panda breeding program. Tour price: $56.50.

Adelaide National Wine Center Tour: This tour offers patrons the chance to learn more about the winemaking process as well as taste wine or coffee. Tour length and prices depends on the time of day you are taking the tour. The afternoon tour will be on offer when taking the trip from Sydney to Perth and runs 2.5 hours. Tour price: $44.00.

Tourabout Adelaide on Foot: If you’re keen to get some exercise, the tour on foot of Adelaide’s North Terrace center will be the option for you. This 2.5 hour tour gives insight to the cultural heritage of the city. Tour price: $72.00.

Central Market Tour: The central market in Adelaide’s CBD is the most visited tourist destination in South Australia. This 2.5 hour walking tour will introduce you to a huge number of specialty stalls. Tour price: $74.00.


The Nullarbor Plain: Cook is the third stop offering a whistle stop tour on the train journey from Sydney to Perth, and this one is self-guided and free. Take some time – about an hour – to wander around in this ghost town and see what is left of a once bustling railway settlement. Tour price: $0. Read more about the Cook whistle stop tour.


Australia’s Gold Capital: Kalgoorlie makes for an interesting peek into the history of a gold mining town and a glimpse into the daily life that is there today. Be warned that this tour does occur at night, but if you get a good tour guide, I believe it is worth taking on. Also on the tour is The Super Pit, which is why the tour runs for around 1.5 hours. Tour price: $30.00. Read m ore about the Kalgoorlie whistle stop tour.


Best of Perth & Kings Park: Since you arrive in Perth at 9:10am on the route heading from Sydney, and check-in to most accommodation isn’t until after noon, GSR has put together this whistle stop tour designed to help individuals make the most of their day. This two-hour tour will take you to some of the best parts of the city and then deliver you, and your luggage, to your accommodation. Tour price: $36.00.