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Sydney to Singapore Safely and Comfortably

Hey Gang,even though I am stil out and about, there is a piece of travel news I can’t let pass unnoticed. Earlier this week, history was made as the Airbus 380 made its much anticipated maiden voyage from Singapore to Sydney. It may have been 18 months late, but it touched down safe and sound. The following article is from Spiegle.
The biggest jetliner in the world touched down safely in Sydney on Thursday afternoon local time, seven hours after taking off from Singapore’s Changi Airport on its inaugural flight. The Airbus A380, as tall as a seven-storey building, was finally carrying passengers — a full 18 months behind schedule.
The 455 passengers, who had bid for their seats in a charity auction, enjoyed a party atmosphere on the luxury Singapore Airlines flight. The passengers were treated to champagne and caviar by the 30-strong crew, came from 35 different countries, with the oldest 91-year-old Leong Lou Teck, the youngest a 10-month-old baby. The first passenger on board was the highest-paying, Briton Julian Hayward, who had forked out €70,690 ($100,380). The plane carried two top chefs, one from Singapore and one from Sydney, who cooked up duck breast, lobster, wok-fried beef and noodles for the passengers.

SPIEGEL ONLINESize Queen: How Big Is the New A380? “I’m a big airplane freak,” one passenger, Ernest Graaff told Reuters, “I’m excited about being part of history.” Australian Tony Elwood and his wife Julie relaxed in the comfort of their first-class suite, sipping Dom Perignon. “I have never been in anything like this in the air before in my life,” he told the Associated Press.
The Airbus A380 can accommodate up to 853 passengers on an all-economy flight but Singapore Airlines had opted for more space and comfort with just 471 seats. The plane is fitted with 60 business-class seats and has 12 luxury suites for first-class passengers which boast flat-screen TVs and full-length beds with designer sheets. First class tickets will cost a whopping €14,000 the Singapore-Sydney route when it starts normal service on Sunday.

Don’t look now- from the biggest plane to the longest line dance in the world!