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Spring in Australia

Floriade Festival in CairnsAustralia during spring is full of blossoming flowers and heaps of life. You’ll see entire cities come alive again as locals fill up parks on lunch breaks and throughout the weekends, and outdoor activities become the norm on just about any day of the week. Spring is a time that everyone loves all around the world, but in Australia it is extra special as it marks the return to the beaches.

Spring in Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, takes place in the months of September, October and November. Overall, it is the time just before the big tourism boom for Sydney, Melbourne and other southern cities, and it is also one of the most beautiful opportunities to visit. Hostels and hotels will still be available for bookings, but camping or choosing a campervan may very well be the travel option of choice since it hasn’t yet reached that summer swelter where the only thing you can think about is sitting in air conditioning.

The tropical north of the country is starting to prepare for the extremely rainy summer, so you can expect the humidity to start rising. If going to Cairns, be sure to make some time for water activities as they will be in high demand. Snorkeling or diving the Great Barrier Reef is always recommended!

One thing to remember is that the Australian spring showcases nature like no other time of year. If you get the chance to hike or take other nature tours in Australia, then this is the best season for it. If you’re not into outdoor activities such as these, then a number of festivals celebrating spring are on around the country, such as Floriade in Canberra.

Other events and festivals of note in this season include the Melbourne Cup, a day when a short horse race shuts an entire city down, and the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

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