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Nude Beaches near Sydney

Have you ever wished to unwind on one of the most striking locations on earth? Have you every wished to go to Sydney and feel the life in down under? Do you get pleasure from the liberty and leisure that nudism has to offer? Are you searching for the perfect beaches to visit ?

If your answers to the above questions are all yes, then cut the delay. Don’t wait too long as there are only few nude beaches near Sydney. Read more about nude beaches all over Australia.

Lady Jane Beach

While most families gather at Manly Beach and Bondi Beach during summer, other sun searchers would visit someplace a bit left of Sydney. Also known as the Lady Bay Beach, Lady Jan Beach is the oldest nude beach in Australia. You can reach this isolated place after a serene walk through a national park. Rocky cliff features and white sand give the ideal place to play the means nature planned. Compared to the many beaches of Sydney, Lady Jane is rather small, thus it truly gets busy when the sun comes up.

This beach resort attracts daring and naturalists newcomers of different ages, men and women, straight and gay. However, if you still have a little modesty inside you, you may choose to keep your swimsuits on.

Samurai Beach Resort

Samurai Beach Resort is a legal nudist beach in Australia. It is actually considered Australia’s hidden treasure. Samurai Beach Resort offers exceptional warm weather, rugged terrain, sandy beach and crystal blue waters. In addition to these magnificent features add the freedom and attraction that nudism gives.

Samurai Beach Resort has been a nude beach for more than forty years. It was legalized by an act of parliament in the 1970s. It offers original nudist activities like the annual nudists carnival and the nudist Olympics.

Obelisk Beach

Obelisk Beach is approximately 100 meters in length. This beach is not that famous among travelers but it famous among locals, particularly those from Mosman district. This beach is not over run by tourists and likely to stay tranquil and quiet. Formally approved as a clothing optional resort, it is not strange to finds swimmers as well as beach goers totally free of swimsuits. The location is packed with respectful, quiet and sociable individuals who love the nature. The resort is mostly attended by homosexuals and considered a gay-friendly resort.