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Northern Territory- Bark Hut

bark hut Situated 130 KM from Darwin on the Arnhem Highway,The Bark Hut is an institution from 1980 when the road was first put in from Darwn to Jabiru. About half way between the two- it is straight from Crocodile Dundee. Think instant coffee to revive a driver, stuffed crocs, mounted fish, a few locals playing pool and there you are!

About half way between Darwin and Jabiru, this welcome gas and driver reviver stop comes just before the Kakadu National Park begins. It is also the last Pub and Bottle shop (Liqour store) you will see until you leave the park again.

Along with gas, there is accomodation. Fairly standard for the area, it has prices running from 14 for camping to $120 for a four star motel room and nearly every price bracket in between for caravans, share accommodation, etc.

The food is standard road stop fare with fried things and pies, however there are pub meals as well. What makes this place entertaining is it’s very manly alter to dead stuffed things. The dark- what should be smokey interior (but it’s not because it is open to the outdoors) walls are full of dead stuffed fish, a buffalo head, and most importantly- a stuffed Crocodile hovers above the heat lamps for the fried food department. Road Trains stop for gas, locals play pool and look suspect at the invading hordes, and the tourists gratefully unload from their buses. There is a petting zoo complete with emu, giftshop and a mean cup of Nescafe. Must do stop. 08 8978 8788 ph, email:

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Happy hunting!