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May in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

may-in-melbournePlanning to spend an autumn vacation in Melbourne? Everybody loves the autumn in Melbourne. The color reveals when the leaves turn into brown, gold, yellow, orange, etc and be more beautiful. And normally, travelers have a slightly and pleasant warm days with fairly cold nights, which makes it so easy to sleep although it is sill great during daytime – because of its festivals for body, spirit and mind.

May Events in Melbourne

Buddha’s Day and Multicultural Festival– The event honors Buddha’s birth. This is one of the most important days in the Buddhist calendar and emphasizes and supports cooperation, community harmony and understanding in the kind of culturally sundry community. This event includes the Buddhist ceremony traditions such as bathing the Buddha, regular Dharma ceremonies, traditional incense gifts and the Wishing Bell. Along with the event are the vegans culinary tour of Asia the River Terrace, cooking demonstration, cultural performances and dance from different parts of the world, art, craft and music. This event will take place from May 15 to 16, 2010.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival – With over 55 activities during more than 7 days and nights, the 2010 festival will be a real celebration of the affluent of jazz particularly in Melbourne. The festival normally includes ten Australian and six world-premieres with an ideal program to enchant everybody from devoted jazz fanatics to families and first timer to the festival. This event will start from April 29 to May 7, 2010.

Next Wave Festival – This is a biennial event and development series committed to developing and giving innovative work by most remarkable young artists of Australia. This festival supports the making and production of innovative work across every form of an art which includes dance, hybrid projects, literature, new media, visual arts and more, pushing the limits of traditional media and supporting connections between disciplines and different art forms. Since its establishment in 1984, the Next Wave Festival motivates artists to start striving new projects, to test and employ with new ideas and make new networks and skills. The event is also committed in discovering various perspectives for contemporary arts. The festival will take place from May 13 to 30, 2010.

May Weather in Melbourne

May is considerably a cooler month in Melbourne. Fog may happen on numerous mornings but both fog and frost is normally followed by a bright and sunny day.

Avg. high 62°F/17°C
Avg. low 50°F/10°C
Avg. precipitation1.45 inches/3.69 cm

Gloomy and rainy weather might continue for several days at a time however extended heavy rain is seldom.

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Getting Here

Since May is an autumn shoulder season in Melbourne, this time would be the best time to book flights in order to take advantage of the promos, discount airfares and packages.

Where to Stay

The simplicity of searching for an accommodation in Melbourne largely depends on the time and day of the year that you will visit. Normally, weekends are inclined to be the easiest days for obtaining a room since many business travelers go back to their homes. And since it is autumn in May, you don’t actually have to worry too much about finding a hotel or hostel as you will surely find one that will suit your requirements and budget.