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Looking Good After a Flight to Australia

A flight to Australia is about as long-haul as you can get from the UK and may seem daunting if it’s your first 24 hour flight. To help make the flight more comfortable on your Australia holidays, here are some top tips for surviving the flight and looking and feeling refreshed at the other end.

Tips for looking good after your flight

Choose a comfortable yet stylish flying outfit…

For ladies, stretchy leggings, a loose fitting top and a long cardigan would prove both stylish and snug. Gents should try something comfy like loose combats and a light shirt or hoodie. Teaming the outfit with a scarf or pashmina will provide instant warmth and style, as well as doubling up as a blanket. Layers are important when flying, as the heating on planes can often fluctuate and the temperatures when you disembark in Australia are likely to be very different to home.

Wear comfortable shoes, but bear in mind you’ll take them off for most of the flight anyway. Wear flight socks when in the air to reduce swelling and put a pair of flip-flops in your hand luggage; you can use them when popping to the loo, or if you still have slightly swollen feet after the flight.

Slather on the moisturiser

Skin can get very dry during long-haul flights so it’s important to moisturise regularly to keep skin hydrated. Ladies should try swapping foundation for tinted moisturiser, which allows skin to breathe and is easy to re-applying throughout the flight. Don’t forget your lips either, so pack a moisturising lip balm and some face-wipes for an instant refresher.

Hand luggage essentials

Most long-haul flights are equipped with in-flight entertainment systems, but they may not always suit your taste. An mp3 player filled with new and favourite tunes, an interesting read and a selection of glossy magazines are all essentials for long haul entertainment, especially when travelling alone. Try picking up a guide to Australia before you go – you’ll have plenty of time to swot up on the flight.

In case there are any problems with your bags at the other end, pack some bare essentials, such as underwear, a clean top and deodorant so you have something to change into. These will also come in handy if you have a stopover with airport showers. If you take the pill, or need any medication make sure you carry it in your hand luggage so you are not separated.

How to avoid jet lag

Jag-lag can be disorientating and take up precious days of your tip, so it’s worth taking precautions to minimize it for a happier start to your holiday. As you board the plane adjust your watch to local Australian time, so that you are eating and sleeping according to the hour on arrival. Once you get to your destination get a little exercise and if possible try to stay awake until night time.

Keep moving

Sitting still for long periods of time can make you feel achy and cranky. Before this sets in, get out of your seat at regular intervals to walk and stretch. You can also do exercises like toe raises and shoulder shrugs in your seat. Check out the in-flight magazine for more recommended exercises that you can do while in the air.

What to avoid…

It’s not fun, but try to avoid heavy meals before and during the flight, its best to eat little and often. Fizzy drinks, caffeine and alcohol can all contribute to feeling groggy once you land, so if you can resist, avoid these too. Instead, make sure you drink lots of water to keep hydrated and feeling fresh.

You can but try…

Smile sweetly, be polite, complain about your bad circulation and flying nerves and see if you get a free upgrade!

Do all this and you will step off the plane feeling fresh and ready to explore everything that Australia has to offer, whether you’re visiting the Opera House in Sydney, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the outback.

Photo by: Ssanyal