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Life on the Indian Pacific Train: Eating, Sleeping & Showering in Red Class

I learned something during my time on the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth: You can shower on a train, and by doing so, you are bound to bounce a little from side to side.

Showering on a train…

It was an experience I never imagined having, but if you are spending 3 days on a train, you are most likely (I hope) going to want to shower. There are a couple of showers per Red Sleeping Class carriage, and I believe there are showers for the Red Day Nighter Class as well. The rooms are quite small, much like the toilets, with a few hooks and a dish for the soap. There is not much room, and the floor space that is there will be wet by the end of it, so I highly recommend a robe or something that is easy to put on until you can get back to your cabin. Shower shoes (some not-so-slippery flip-flops) are also a must.

shower on indian pacific

Sleeping on a train…

When staying in Red Sleeper Class, the cabins are quite tight containing two seats, a small table, a sink and a mirror. There are also fold-down bunk beds, and as you can imagine, they are a slimmer than a standard twin bed.

red class bed indian pacific

I was surprised with how comfortable the little beds are, and I loved being on the bottom bunk and being able to watch out the window in the morning. As for bumps and whatnot, I honestly didn’t notice them one bit and instead was rocked gently through my slumber.

red class bunk beds indian pacific

Red Day Nighter Class will have lounge chairs for patrons. These are not in private rooms, but they are quite spacious.

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Eating on a train…

If you’re in Gold Class, then you’ll be pampered with luxury. Red Class is not as fancy, but there are some great options from roast dinners, gourmet pies, jaffles and the like in the food carriage. Wine, beer and soft drinks are always available.

dining car indian pacific

Life on a train…

I really enjoyed that my tiny little cabin had its own sink that folded out of the wall that I would use to wash my hands, wash my fruit or brush my teeth at whenever it was convenient.

sink folded upsink down

(I’m obsessed with the small details like this.)

Life on a train is interesting, compact and exciting… and sometimes a little bouncy.

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My experience riding in Red Class on the Indian Pacific train was sponsored by GSR, but all the experiences and reviews are my own.