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Globe Trekker TV Features Uluru in February

Most travelers agree that some of the best travel television programs around come from Pilot Guides Productions, the people who bring us Globe Trekker and Planet Food, among other great shows. Well, each month, Pilot Guides also brings us a host of new online travel programs we can download and then watch at our leisure – which is pretty fantastic. For February, one of the highlights of the available programs is seeing Uluru through Ian Wright’s eyes.

Ian Wright is usually part travel guide and part comedian, but in this clip he keeps both feet on the ground in honor of the Aboriginal view that climbing the sacred rock of Uluru is disrespectful. Sure, there are people who climb up the rock every year (though some get hurt in the process), but this issue is an important one to consider if you’re going to visit Uluru as well. The video explains a bit about why the Aborigines don’t like people walking on the rock so you can make a more informed decision.

To check out this free preview clip, visit the GlobeTrekkerTV site – and to find out more about what’s new each month, sign up to get the email notifications. Then you can download just the videos you want and watch them in your own time.