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26 Gift Ideas for the Australia Fan

giftOur favorite time of year is fast approaching, and I do mean fast (where has the year gone already?!). So, it is also that time to make our shopping lists and find a little something special for the people in our lives that we love. Yes, it is almost Christmas in Australia!

To make your job a bit easier, I have compiled a list of gift ideas for the Australia fan on your list. Don’t be fooled; this isn’t just for Christmas! These ideas are great for gift-giving at any time of the year.

Alcohol Related Gifts

Australia is known for being able to handle its beer, but it is also a land of delicious and unique wine (read Australian Wine 101). So, you can go either way here and get your Australia fan whichever type of gift suits them best from stubby holders to shot glasses.

Gifts Made from Animals

kanga scrotum key chainOk, so this category is a little on the creepy side, but it is also too hilarious to pass up. I mean, really, kangaroo scrotum key chains?! Yes, those are often for sale in the tourist nick-knack shops, along with kangaroo paw back-scratchers and cane toad coin purses.

Outback Related Gifts

To some, Australia is more about the hot, dry and rugged Outback than beaches, surfing and lazing in the sun. To these Australia fans, I suggest any of the following Outback related gifts.

Aborigine Related Gifts

The Aboriginal culture goes back for thousands of years, and because of it, we are presented with some unique gift ideas ranging from art to musical instruments.

Jewelry Related Gifts

Australia is known for mining opals (think Coober Pedy), so anything with a nice Australian opal can be perfect for the Australia fan. If this doesn’t fall into your price range, you can always take a look at these other cheaper options:

Sports Related Gifts

rugby leagueFor the bloke that loves his Australia footy and soccer, there’s the option of getting a nice jersey or other piece of sports memorabilia.

Just Plain Aussie Gifts

Who would Australia be without Ugg Boots and boxing kangaroos? These fall into my “just plain Aussie” gift ideas for the Australian fan.

Alternative Gift Ideas

Of course, there’s always less tangible gift ideas to give — ones that produce an experience to remember for a lifetime. In this category, I suggest to adopt a wild koala in someone’s name, or just book them an Australian tour or a plane ticket to this wonderful country!

Bonus Gift Ideas

The following gift ideas come as suggestions from readers. Linda was the first to suggest her map journals, and I agree they are a great gift for someone on, or about to be on, a trip in Australia. They make a unique way to record the journey.

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