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December in Sydney – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

_december-in-sydneySummer in Sydney is basically the time for parties. We all know that Christmas is fun particularly if you will celebrate it with your friends and family. The city has two public holidays (Christmas and Boxing Day); school is out as well so a lot of youngsters and locals take time to celebrate the special time. Travelers enjoy to spend Christmas in a warm location so no wonder Sydney is a popular vacation spot during this time of the year.

December Events in Sydney

  • Carols in the Domain – Domain is situated at Mrs. Macquaries Rd., and has played host to the yearly Carol in the Domain for more than 24 years. This celebration in Sydney’s Christmas calendar draw visitors and locals of about 100,000 who take pleasure from the jovial spirit, musical variety, the carol singing and the bonhomie experience. This is the event of sitting beneath the skies with your coffee and a picnic basket and listen to the wonderful choirs, guest artists and orchestra.
  • Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – For over 63 years on the Boxing Day, ever year the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race has attracted attention from people coming from different parts of the earth. The race is the leading event on the yacht racing calendar of Australia. The race takes place over 630 marine miles and usually starts at 1pm on the scenic Sydney Harbor during the Boxing Day and ends with a dash on the Derwent River and who ever wins will be proclaimed at 1pm of December 31st at the Constitution Dock, Hobart.

Christmas in Sydney

Stop thinking about the snow and the sleigh while in Sydney as the city has no white Christmas. Christmas Day happens on the first summer month in Australia. Except of course if you will go at the peak of Mt Kosciuszko where you can still find some frozen snow. And since it’s summer, there will be individuals who will celebrate their Christmas on the beach especially when the weather is great.

December Weather in Sydney

Summer months in Sydney are basically what every Sydney-sider loves. December is a truly beach weather, so it’s in fact the best time to slap on your sunscreen and go to one of the amazing beaches of the city.

Avg. high 76°F/24.44°C
Avg. low 63°F/17.22°C
Avg. precipitation 3 inches/7.62 cm

So, since it’s beach time, you don’t actually need to bring a lot of t-shirts, but don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and hat.

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Getting Here

The summer in Sydney is a peak season. December marks the start of summer months and when the city becomes alive. Cheap flights can be hard to find during these times. So, if you wish to pay for a cheap flight to Sydney, it would be great to book your flight probably before the spring ends or early winter because these two seasons are basically the months when airlines offer the best deals they have.

Where to Stay

If you are searching for a budget trip to Sydney, it would be nice to check different sources. Going to this city during its summer months (December to February) would be expensive. So, to take benefit of the best budget hotel/accommodation options, you might want to book your vacation when it’s still winter or spring in this city to get the deepest or moderate discounts on accommodations.

Hotels in Sydney come in different sizes and offer different facilities so it’s ultimately your budget which decides where you’d be staying. If your budget doesn’t allow for splurges then make sure to check out one of the hostels available in the city.