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Campervan Travel in Perth and Western Australia

Perth and Western Australia edge the Indian Ocean. The coastline has sandy beaches and Perth is on the lovely Swan River. The region has areas of agriculture, the Ningaloo Reef, forests, Shark Bay, and back-country wilderness, mountains, and dessert. The state also has national parks like Karijini and Kalbarri. While visitors to Australia typically head for Melbourne or Sydney, here are some cities in Western Australia to take your campervan, if you you plan to head west.


A popular getaway destination during the dry months of May through September, people come for the beautiful beaches, to browse The Wharf, to tour the pearl and crocodile farms, to find and purchase pearls in upscale jewellery shops.

Then, the Broom Bird Observatory is a great place to watch birds. The region has over three hundred native and migratory birds.


A port town at the edge of the Indian Ocean facing the Abrolhos Islands, much of the town has a casual atmosphere. A favorite hub for surfing, global surfers meet here and catch some amazing waves. Spectators love to watch the surfing experts. Others take a lesson or two in the sport. The town has a maritime museum, several skate parks, and a water park. Additionally, Geraldton has many little shops, restaurants, and cafes.


Just south of Perth, this town is expanding rapidly. The town has a golf club, beautiful parks, and nature reserves. Located in a strategic spot on the coastline at the beginning of Hal’s Head, Mandurah is also a favourite place for crabbing and fishing.

For those who enjoy discovering the wonders of national parks, Serpentine National Park is only about a forty or fifty minute drive. Many trails run through the area, the pool below Serpentine Falls is excellent for swimming.


Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia as well as the region around the city. The CAT bus is a free way to tour the city, fourth largest in the country. On the shores of the Indian Ocean, the nearby sandy beaches are stunning and good for swims.

Then, following the beautiful Swan River, the region is a plain on the coast without elevation. Bike paths line the banks of the river, and the shoreline is great for exploration. The Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park is an interesting old cemetery, but it has trails through which to stroll and get up close to the many kangaroo that live in the park.

Western Australia is the country’s largest state taking up a third of the country. The land is diverse with mountains, red rock, and dessert. The state has many wilderness areas in which to enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, and extreme sports like surfing, mountain biking, and parasailing. While the great outdoors offer adventure, many wonderful towns and cities provide the comforts of home. Many visitors choose to do their traveling around Western Australia in a campervan for easy, economical, independent travel and accommodation options.

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