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Backpackers, Skiers, and Travellers, 1Cover Insurance for All

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Are you a backpacker, Business Traveller, organizing a group holiday or going to the Snow? As I’ve mentioned a few times previously on this blog, it is extremely important to get good travel insurance. 1Cover is an insurance company providing coverage for Australian Citizens and Residents to cover short term and Long Term holidays. They have an option for everyone!
If you are a backpacker, They have a policy that covers the basics like your overseas Medical/Hospital/Dental expenses as well as a personal liability clause that covers you in case some one sues you should you, oh, wreck a car, or crash into to someone on the ski slopes.
If you are a Business Traveller, they have long and short term comprehensive coverage that not only covers the above, but also covers things like rental car insurance, lost luggage, and emergency accommodation due to trip delays.
Check out all the different policies available, Medical only, Group travel, single trip in Australia, and Multiple trip coverage. If you are planning several holidays this year, their annual travel insurance policy will save you time and money. It covers unlimited trips abroad over the year and travel up to a maximum of 90 days per individual trip. Travellers of all ages are eligible for coverage, and many pre-existing conditions are automatically covered with no waiting period. Policies are good from 5 to 365 days.

Now, if you are headed to the snow, they offer a plan that was designed by skiers and riders for skiers and riders. The peace of mind provided will be worth it’s weight in gold should you forget your wrist braces and land yourself in an emergency room at the base of a mountain. Trust me, without insurance you can actually see the dollar bills flying out of your pocket as you sit in their waiting room nursing your wounded appendage.
picsing.jpgUnderwritten by Allainz, 1cover Pty. Ltd. is a NSW based Travel Insurance company offering excellent online policies at highly competitive prices. They utilize the Internet to offer maximum convenience through a fully interactive quotation and fulfillment system, including immediate delivery of your policy by email. It also reduces overhead which allows them to offer the best coverage at competitive prices. Call them at 1300 850 840
Level 6,
147 King Street
Sydney, NSW 2000