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Backpackers and Radical Travel Expo 2006! 11 November 2006

dsc01204.JPGIn australia and planning a trip??? Guess what! If you are searching for adventurous travel ideas, contemplating working overseas, or just a first time backpacker- the annual adventure travel and Backpackers Expo is for you! Sydney’s famous Town Hall Exhibition Center will be hosting the Expo this Saturday and Sunday!!!! (11 November 2006)

Guest speakers, entertainment, competition, free samples, and information specific to adventure travel and backpacking will all be at your eager little fingertips. There is a $5 entry fee.

If you are more of an adrenalin junkie and interested in independent backpacking, flash packing or just into new travel insights, then the Radical Travel Expo for you. There will be the latest news and trends in travel along with exclusive insider deals to save you money. The bad news- It is at the same time and dates as the Backpacker Expo. The amazing news… They are at the same place! The Radical Travel Expo is free.