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Arrival into Australia- What you need to know for the flight

dsc00392-1.JPG (Actual picture of someone on my flight. Never a good look is that?) Hi Guys- Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but I ended up on a crazy emergency trip back to the States (exceptionally good reason to buy GOOD travel insurance!). Apologies over, I’m fresh off the plane and back in OZ. I know you are excited- you are finally doing it- you are going to AUSTRALIA! But be aware… if you want to start you trip on the best possible foot, there are a few things you can do to make the transition a bit easier.
This is a very long flight no matter where in the world you are coming from. My last trip did remind me of a few things that should help you arrive fresh and ready to really enjoy that first day here and avoid jet lag all together. (Writers side-note…This stuff works. I am now only 7 hours off my flight from the States and am going great guns here at work for you people)

Avoid Caffeine For The Whole Travelling Day! Don’t have that morning cup of coffee. If you need something try a green tea or decaf. Remember- you will be TOTALLY resetting your body clock. This will be heaps easier if your system is not used to it’s normal daily routine to begin with. Besides- being groggy and cranky helps with the sleeping in a chair thing. Hold off on the coffee until they serve you breakfast- and then feel free to go nuts on it. Most cafes in Australia do serve up a great cappuccino.
Drink a balanced amount of water. I know everyone always tells you to drink lots of water when flying, I kind of disagree. Seeing as you should be sleeping most of the night- don’t overdo it on the water or you will make yourself and everyone around you miserable as you climb over the blissfully snoring guy next to you when you need to use the bathroom 8 times. This will make you very unpopular. It also makes it hard to sleep. Instead- drink enough to keep you hydrated. During the flight, a normal 500 mL bottle supplemented with the glasses of water they give you with meals should basically be a good balance.
Bring comfortable clothes. I witnessed- (and did it myself as well) several people that checked in with normal fashionable street type clothes. Just before boarding the airplane- they changed into more comfortable sweat-pant-type clothing. This is really smart considering you are looking at like…12 hours crammed into a tiny space. Dressing in layers helps with keeping you comfy if the plane is hot or cold. Every flight I’ve been on recently has been completely full going in and out of OZ. Don’t count on having an empty seat next to you. I just change back into my normal clothes and clean up right before breakfast is served.
Get as much sleep as you can. Most flights leave at night, feed you dinner and turn off the lights. They mostly arrive in the morning leaving you a nice full first day to go sight see, swim in the ocean, or just stretch your legs. The trick to avoid… with the new on demand video systems it is very tempting to stay up the whole flight and watch movies or play video games. I limit myself to 2 movies. Either back to back, or one at night and one in the morning.
Get exercise before you begin your travel day. Continue to walk around the airports in between your connecting flights. This will also help you settle in for a good sleep on the plane.
Avoid heavy meals. Your system is going to be pretty jacked up anyway- by trying to digest heavy fatty foods- it will just make you more uncomfortable. Light fresh meals will help you reset with greater ease.
Alcohol– hey if it helps you relax or sleep go for it. I don’t suggest over doing it. Dry mouth, a hangover, and having to pee 8 times will not help you feel your best upon arrival. Though I have noticed- gone are the days where flight crews would give you two bottles of wine at a time and an after dinner drink. It seems to me the drink cart really only comes around with the booze once on a flight anymore. Oh well probably for the best.
Happy flying and see you on Terra Firma!