Why You Should Add Melbourne to Your Round the World Trip

A trip around the world is the pinnacle experience for many travel lovers. So many of us dream about taking more than just our typical one or two week vacations. We yearn to hit the road for months at a time, maybe even a year, maybe even longer. That dream has become a reality for many people, and our sister site over at BootsnAll has been revamping, updating, and adding content to the round the world section of their site. If you are interested in making your travel dreams come true, be sure to check out their round the world planning resources for everything you need to know about planning your own RTW trip.

If you are one of those dreamers who has decided to take off on your own epic adventure, you are probably wondering where to go. For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, a country like Australia seems so far away and difficult to get to, but if you are planning an extended trip, making Australia part of your trip makes sense. Time is finally on your site. If you do decided to go to Australia, then you might want to add Melbourne to your RTW trip itinerary.




Melbourne is known as Australia’s cultural capital, and it won’t take long in this city to see why. The variety of architecture around the city is stunning, and there are tons of options for museums, theater, galleries, and shopping. If you are into sports, the you’ve come to the right place as they are fanatical here in Melbourne. Learn Australian Rules Football or catch a cricket match during your time here to really integrate yourself into the culture. There are also plenty of places to explore beyond the city limits, making Melbourne an even more attractive place for RTW travelers.

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