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The Peanut Place is as Nutty as it Sounds

peanut placeHow can you not stop at a place with a giant peanut man out front? It’s just not possible, and it shouldn’t be. The Peanut Place is located in the Atherton Tablelands town of Tolga in the north of Queensland, and as you can guess, their specialty is peanuts. But, not just any peanuts. No, The Peanut Place is responsible for growing jumbo Hi Oleic peanuts that are then roasted and flavored in dozens of ways.

Fun Fact: Queensland is responsible for producing 95% of the country’s peanuts. They grow well here because of the enriched soil from volcanic activity.

The Peanut Place opens at 8:30 am, so you are able to “go nuts” at an early hour of the day if that’s when you’re passing by. There are several tasting containers to go for letting you get the real taste of the nuts you are about to buy – trust me, you’ll want to take some with you. Choose from salt n vinegar, butterscotch, beer, BBQ, cheese and many other flavors. Bags run from $2.20 to $14.50 depending on your snack size, but that’s not all you can get here.

Also in store are local jams, fresh peanut butters, chocolates, jerkies and brittle. The cafe serves coffees, ice creams and even warmed nuts. The gift shop also sells shot glasses, coffee cups and stubby holders.

Why Hi Oleic? Hi Oleic nuts are healthier than normal peanuts with more monounsaturated fats, which is useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels. In addition, these peanuts are high in fiber and anti-oxidants.

That’s right! Stopping at The Peanut Place is actually good for you!

The Peanut Place
Kennedy Hwy, Tolga
PO Box 433, Tolga QLD 4882