Snowy Mountains- Wildbrumby Schnapps

dsc02518-1.JPGThe Snowy Mountains are in the Southern part of New South Wales. They are the home of the highest peak in OZ, and are a region worth exploring during all seasons. A Brumby is a wild horse. A lot that see themselves and “battlers”, the Aussies love their highly independent bands of wild horses. If you’ve haven’t yet- you should watch the classic The Man From Snowy River an entertaining flick, it embodies the feelings of outback frontier Australia and also showcases the romantic view of the horses. ‘Mountain bred and mountain born’ I think the famous line from the movie (which is based on a poem) goes.

About 15 minutes down the Alpine Way heading west from Jindabyne (Jindy) is the Wildbrumby Schnappery. Amongst the barren rock strewn Snowy mountain foothills- this little oasis has free tastings, continental cafe, artists studio and a sculpture garden. There’s a saying if it holds still long enough- the Swiss will try to shnapp it. Well I’m pretty sure Monika was Austrian and Brad Australian- but you get the picture. Regardless of pedigree. They have formed a world class schnappery with many varieties to chose from.




dsc02542-1.JPGMy favorite was the mango schnapps… wow… liquid mango that coats your tongue and leaves your tummy feeling all warm and happy on a cold mountain day. The term Cellar Door– mean tasting room, their Cellar Door has a beautiful selection of gourmet foods designed to pair with the schapps. Open daily 11-5. +612 6457 1447. They ship.

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